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STEP Global Congress - How will transparency impact on tax planning? - A perspective on supranational initiatives and their impact on wealth planning, 6-7 November 2014, Miami, USA.

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Cross-Border Estates Event

UK-Italy Cross-Border Estate Planning  - 25 November, London - Many Brits are living the Italian property dream, but how do you stop it becoming an Italian nightmare for them or their heirs?


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IRS FATCA Registration Guide

IRS FATCA Registration Online User Guide (updated 6 October 2014) available via the STEP policy pages.


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Rubik's cubeReducing the risk of Trust Disputes
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George HodgsonFATCA deadline looming – George Hodgson clears confusion.

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A wasted opportunity. Martyn Gower TEP mourns a couple’s decision to ‘safeguard’ their children from learning about the family’s wealth and charity work.

October 2014 issue