Joining STEP in Australia

There are a range of pathways to one of the three categories of STEP Membership in Australia, enabling you to join our network by evidencing or demonstrating experience, through assessment, or by completing professional qualifications and accumulating STEP credits.

Pathways to STEP Membership

10 Years’ Experience

There are two pathways available for practitioners with 10 years’ experience:

Experienced Practitioner

10 years' experience and a relevant professional qualification

Advocacy Route

10 years' experience as a barrister and can provide relevant opinions of the appropriate standard

5 Years’ Experience

There are two pathways available for practitioners with 5 years’ experience and a relevant professional qualification:


Submission of three essays on topics approved by STEP Australia

Accredited Specialist

Accreditation as a specialist in Wills & Estates/Succession Law in NSW, VIC & QLD

Education: Open to All

Become a STEP Member by gaining credits through a combination of:

  • Practical Experience
  • STEP qualifications
  • STEP-Accredited Education Partner qualifications
  • Other equivalent professional or academic qualifications (minimum level 5 AQF for Affiliate Membership)

Note: All applicants are reminded that STEP will undertake background checks, as part of the process in determining suitability for membership.

For a quick summary of all the routes available, download our Australia Pathways guide (PDF 80KB)

If you do not see a membership route to suit your qualifications and experience, please email

STEP Australia Branches