Continental Europe

We currently have 20 branches and one chapter in Continental Europe. The amount of members in this region makes up approximately 13 per cent of the global STEP membership, of which 8 per cent is in Switzerland.

The region is split into three for STEP electoral purposes, with four seats on STEP’s Council In total. Peter Economides (Cyprus) and Daniel Lehmann (Germany) are the current Council Members for Continental Europe excluding Switzerland; Sebastien Moerman represents the Swiss Verein and Basel area (including Lugano, Lucerne/Zug, Vaduz and Zurich); and Philippe Pulfer represents the Suisse Romande area (Geneva and Lausanne).

The STEP Europe Regional Committee represents the interests of members of branches/chapters in Austria, Benelux, Cyprus, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Malta, Italy, Monaco and Spain. 

The Swiss & Liechtenstein Federation (SLSF) represents the interests of members of branches/centres in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Vaduz, Lugano and Lucerne/Zug.

If you are interested in joining STEP in this region please use our Join Wizard to find out the entry process and options.

Branches in Continental Europe

STEP Israel (three centres): 

Swiss & Liechtenstein Federation: