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Your air miles may die with you...Unless you put them in your will

In most cases death rules only become known about once it is too late and points cannot be spent. Read more


What happens to my music collection when I die?

MyInforms' guidance for professionals and the public about digital assets. Read more


Estate Planning for Digital Currencies

Introducing concept of digital currencies to be considered as part of modern estate planning. Read more


Aussie privacy a hurdle for tech giants

Privacy expert criticises approach taken by major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Read more

CommBank to offer cardless ATM withdrawals

Australia's Commonwealth Bank offering smartphone access to automatic teller machines. Read more

The ALRC conducts Inquiry into "Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era"

The ALRC aims to produce recommendations which balance the value of privacy with other fundamental values, including freedom of expression and open justice. Read more

Warning! Digital assets – The future is upon us

Legal Journal Article introducing Digital Assets. Read more

Digital Death and Afterlife Online Services List

Article listing online 'digital legacy' service providers. Read more

Google must respect 'right to be forgotten'

European Court decision in favour of privacy. Read more


Death in the digital age: Are you prepared?

Despite the fact that we put more of our lives in the cloud than ever before, few of us are preparing for our digital afterlife. Read more

Australian Law Reform Commission - Issues Paper

Australia - Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws. Read more

Are You Prepared for Your Digital Afterlife?

Dealing with digital assets as part of deceased estates. Read more

Aussie-loved websites flunk privacy test

Australian Government Privacy Commissioner criticises privacy policies on majority of popular websites as being difficult to understand. Read more

Dealing with digital assets in an estate

Administering a deceased estate including digital assets. Read more

Fiduciary Management of Digital Assets

STEP public announcement as to launch of STEP Digital Assets. Read more

USA List of State Laws and Proposals Regarding Fiduciary Access to Digital Property During Incapacity or After Death

Internet article listing USA state laws & proposed laws in February 2013 as to digital assets. Read more

Legislation for North Carolina USA re Digital Assets

North Carolina Act concerning access to and control of digital assets and accounts by various fiduciaries effective as of 1 October 2013. Read more


Digital Assets: A Clearer Definition

Internet Article offering defintions of digital assets. Read more


What is Personal Planning?

Brochure re inter vivos estate planning in Vancouver. Read more

Privacy and the Cloud

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of the Australian Government speech to Cloud Computing Conference and Expo. Read more


A Guide to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Australia - Victorian Government guide to UN Convention. Read more

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