60-second interview with Peter Bobbin

Peter Bobbin, 12/7/2017

Peter Bobbin TEP is principal of Argyle Lawyers, in Sydney, Australia.

What does your firm do?

Argyle is a specialist in tax, superannuation, family law and property solutions.

What has STEP done for you, individually, or as a business?

STEP has given me an international focus and access to a collegiate group of colleagues; we are all birds of a feather.

What is the most important thing STEP does, in your opinion?

Bring like-minded practitioners together from a variety of professions, with all of us focussed around trusts and estate matters.

You will be speaking at the STEP Australia Conference in August. What will you be speaking on and what are the main issues in this area?

I’ll be addressing the latest professional policy issues that concern STEP Australia.

What do you most like about your job?

I love the law and revel in the delight that clients gain in achieving their objectives.

.. and what do you feel is most worthwhile?

Helping clients find their way through a maze of issues and law.

What would you say to a young person thinking of a career in this industry?

Embrace a passion for helping clients, focus on continuing education and network among your peers.

Where do you see future growth, both in terms of sectors and jurisdictions?

Future growth lies in simply caring for clients. Australia is large enough for dedicated and skilled persons. However, with one in three Australians born overseas, it is essential to address the international issues.

What do you feel are the main challenges facing your organisation at the moment, and how will you deal with them?

At Argyle, we have more work than we can cope with, so for us it’s a major challenge to source talented and skilled professionals. The best way to deal with this is to offer an environment where growing and learning are encouraged - and to pay well!

Which social media channels do you use and why?

I use LinkedIn for education and to exchange information and issues.


Peter Bobbin TEP is a principal at Argyle Lawyers and Chair of STEP New South Wales. He is on the Board of STEP Australia.