STEP’s governing bodies, committees, branches and chapters are all run by volunteers, and it is thanks to them that STEP has evolved into the organisation it is today, with close to 20,000 members across 95 jurisdictions. The work and level of commitment of these volunteers is staggering. In this issue we announce the results of recent STEP Board, STEP Council and regional elections, and thank all those who took part in the process and who offer their time and expertise to provide essential direction, leadership, guidance, development and support for the Society.

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Regional Focus
Lauren E Jones and J Andrew P Stone explain that, after a long delay, the US has issued proposed regulations on tax on gifts... 
Professional Development
Richard Frimston recalls a recent conference of the European Law Institute. 

Special Feature
Chattels should not be overlooked when tax planning, note Jacqui Lazare and Isabel Grimshaw...

Issue Focus II
James Grubman and Dennis T Jaffe explain how to manage cultural differences in global business families.

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