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Spring is here again (well, in some parts of the world), and with it comes new beginnings. What an appropriate time to focus an edition on all things new! New ideas in investing, both in form and in jurisdiction, new developments in law, fresh perspectives on existing regimes, and a re-examination of compliance requirements can all be found in the articles comprising this edition.

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Regional Focus
Kevyn Nightingale
Kevyn Nightingale, May 2015
With a number of US citizens renouncing their citizenship, Kevyn Nightingale explains that the problem is not tax but rather the filing obligations.
Issue Focus
Melissa Sturgess
Melissa Sturgess, May 2015
Melissa Sturgess considers investments in the mining sector and examines the opportunities available for high-net-worth individuals.
Special Feature
Gina M Pereira
Gina M Pereira, May 2015
Gina M Pereira weighs up the benefits and drawbacks of using onshore or offshore jurisdictions in philanthropic planning.
Regular feature
Tom Glanville
Tom Glanville, May 2015
Tom Glanville looks at what trustees should and should not do in trust investment reviews.

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