Rejoining STEP

Full Members who have allowed their membership to lapse can apply to rejoin as a Full Member.

If you have been a Full Member of STEP but have allowed your membership to lapse, you can apply to rejoin as a Full STEP Member.

How to rejoin

Please complete the STEP membership re-joining form and return to the STEP office along with a current resume/CV. STEP requires any outstanding payment from the year your membership lapsed, plus payment for the current year, plus a rejoining administration fee. Please contact the STEP office at or telephone +44 (0)20 3752 3700 to discuss your outstanding fee payment.

The process

Your application will be approved by the membership committee who meet monthly. Successful applicants will receive a letter confirming their return to full membership. This process takes between four to eight weeks.

Find out more about the Membership and Examination Fees