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How do I subscribe to a STEP SIG?

Membership of the Special Interest Groups is open to STEP Members and non-members alike and is currently free*. To join any of the Special Interest Groups and receive updates about their events, news and activities, simply log on. If you're not currently a Member, please register to receive your membership login details.

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Idea for a new STEP Global SIG or Satellite SIG?

In proposing a new Global SIG, or a regional sub-group (Satellite SIG), please ensure you have read the appropriate Terms of Reference which outline what constitutes a group, and the process for creation of a new group. Please then contact STEP's Special Interest Groups Team to discuss further and obtain the necessary business plan submission forms.


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STEP Special Interest Groups
STEP Office
Artillery House (South)
11-19 Artillery Row
London, SW1P 1RT
United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)20 3752 3734 / 35
Fax +44 (0)20 3752 3701

Special Interest Groups Team:
Headed up by Emma Yeats, Head of Special Interest Groups supported by Sarah Moore, Senior Special Interest Groups Executive

*The groups are free to levy a separate membership fee to cover their costs if necessary.

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