60-second interview with Felicity Keller TEP

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
We spoke to Felicity Keller TEP who currently sits on the Professional Development Committee about her experiences as a Committee member.

STEP’s Professional Development Committee (the Committee) influences and collectively shapes STEP’s professional development strategy. Committee members work closely with the Professions Directorate and collaborate with other STEP committees and working groups to ensure that the STEP Professional Development Strategy is consistent with and delivers objectives as set by the Board. The Committee is looking for TEPs from LATAM (and other) jurisdictions to join from January 2024.

We spoke to Felicity Keller TEP who currently sits on the Committee about her experiences as a Committee member.

Why did you first join the Committee?

I first joined the Committee because I felt that it was important that there were members from other parts of the world beyond than the UK who could bring a global perspective, as education is a key value of STEP.

What does being a Committee member involve?

Like most things, it depends on what you would like to do as a Committee member. There are a number of Committee meetings per year which members are required to attend. You can join extra Working Groups on different subjects and properly immerse yourself in the subject matter which can sometimes become complex.

It is extremely important to listen to the viewpoints of your constituents and see what they need rather than proceed on the basis of what you think they may need.

What have been the benefits to you of being a part of the Committee in terms of your involvement with STEP as an organisation and your professional development?

Being a part of the Committee is really being at the beating core of what STEP is about, and it is so important that we keep standards high and the pace in line with what is required in today’s world.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of applying to be on the Committee who has not decided yet?

You will be contributing to a Committee which is at the heart of STEP and that brings enormous satisfaction as a Committee member. The Committee is a part of promoting the greater good and we have an important mandate to fulfil at STEP.

Anyone interested in joining the Professional Development Committee, can email [email protected] with their CV.

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Felicity Keller TEP

Felicity Keller TEP works at J. Stern & Co in Switzerland.