60-second interview with Matthew Fleming

We spoke to Matthew Fleming, a Partner from KPMG LLP, who will be part of a session on the first day of the STEP UK Annual Tax Conference 2022 where a team of dispute specialists from KPMG Law will give a live experience of a mock tax mediation.

Why should people register to attend the Annual Tax Conference (ATC) 2022?

The ATC is an excellent training day with wide and varied content and a range of high calibre speakers from different disciplines. It provides a real opportunity to hear from engaging, quality speakers and get up to speed with the latest tax technical developments.

Tell us more about your session

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an increasingly valuable tool for the resolution of entrenched tax disputes with HMRC in the UK. It is an entirely confidential process that can be used to achieve settlement or move a dispute forward. KPMG Law (part of KPMG LLP) will present an engaging and interactive session giving a live experience of a mock ADR in practice. The session will demonstrate how the effective use of mediation can lead to the early settlement of the dispute.

Attendees will have the opportunity to observe the 35-minute ADR followed by an opportunity to ask Matt, Chris and Chelsea about their experience of using it to resolve disputes with HMRC.

Who would benefit from attending your session? 

Disputes or disagreements with HMRC can arise for any number of reasons. Often, both parties find themselves entrenched in their positions so that it is difficult to see a resolution. 

ADR provides a forum for taxpayers to have open and uninhibited discussions with HMRC with the assistance and support of trained, independent, mediators. It has been successfully used across direct and indirect taxes and for a range of taxpayers including small and medium-sized enterprises, large and complex cases, and individuals. This session will be useful to anyone who is in regular correspondence with HMRC.

What are the key takeaways from your session?

This session is intended to showcase how mediation and ADR can be instrumental to the early settlement of disputes or disagreements with HMRC.

What would you say to someone who has not yet booked their place?

STEP’s Annual Tax Conference provides high quality training covering a wealth of topics. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from quality speakers presenting key topics as part of an engaging and informative programme.

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Matthew Fleming

Matthew Fleming is a Partner at KPMG LLP.