60 Seconds interview with Nicholas Jacob TEP

Friday, 03 November 2023
In anticipation of the STEP Bermuda Conference we spoke to one of the speakers, Nicholas Jacob TEP.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?
The more psychological aspects of dealing with families is really the most interesting because unless one understands those families and understands the issues which they’ve got today, then you can’t really plan effectively for avoiding those difficulties in the future.

What will you be speaking about at the conference?
I’m speaking about Family Wars – lessons to be learned from conflicts. This session is intended to look at a number of high profile families who have had bust ups, significant litigation, and what lessons we can learn from those difficulties those families have had in order to help other families not fall into those traps.

Why is this a key issue for advisors?
When you look at the amount of wealth and the transition of that wealth over the next five, ten, 15 years around the world, it is absolutely significant how much transition is going to be to the next generation. Therefore, the earlier that planning is done, the earlier people are buying in to the planning that is being put in place and the earlier the difficulties that those families face are accommodated and recognised. 

What do you want attendees to take away from your session?
The lessons that I’m going to share will help support families to avoid the traps that families I’m going to talk about have actually fallen into. 

Nicholas Jacob TEP will be speaking at the STEP Bermuda Conference on 29 November.

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Nicholas Jacob TEP

Nicholas Jacob TEP is a Partner at Forsters, UK. He is a specialist in Family Governance and Succession Planning, focusing on the psychological issues as well as the legal issues, providing a holistic exercise. He advises families and trustees all over the world in generational transition planning.