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STEP Journal November 2018

Welcome to the December/January edition of the STEP Journal, which has a regional focus of Europe and a special focus on compliance and insurance. Also in this issue: an exploration of the issues facing trustees holding cryptocurrencies; a roundtable that lays out the impact recent political upheaval in the US and UK has had on globally mobile private clients; and the full list of winners from this year’s STEP Private Client Awards.

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Urs Stirnimann TEP is Managing Partner at Swiss International Legal Consultants ADGM, Abu Dhabi.
Urs Stirnimann introduces the latest foundation innovations from the ADGM and the DIFC.
Issue Focus: Compliance and Insurance
Simon Gorbutt TEP is Director of Wealth Structuring Solutions at Lombard International Assurance, Luxembourg

Don’t bet your life

Simon Gorbutt assesses whether life insurance policies can offer a flexible solution to issues facing modern families' succession planning.
Regional Focus: Europe
Philippe de Salis TEP is a Partner at Stonehage Fleming, Switzerland, and Vice-Chairman of the SATC.

Milestones achieved

Philippe de Salis provides a history of the Swiss-based trust industry and describes the latest developments.

Issue Focus: Compliance and Insurance
Mark Fleming TEP is Director of SANNE’s Private Client team.
Mark Fleming looks at recent trends in offshore trusteeship and their impact on compliance best practices