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STEP Journal April 2019

STEP Journal April 2019

Welcome to the April edition of the STEP Journal. In this issue, readers will find guidance on the more delicate elements of private client work, namely discussions about mental and decisional capacity, that will be of interest to any practitioners dealing with elderly or vulnerable clients. Two Regional Focuses cover the UK Crown Dependencies, where economic substance requirements make the headlines in Jersey and the Isle of Man; and Africa and the UAE, where the recognition of foreign court orders by Dubai’s local courts and the South African budget, among other topics, are discussed.

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Mark Fleming TEP is Director of SANNE’s private client business
Mark Fleming on whether LLCs in offshore jurisdictions will prompt a shift in structuring outside the US.
Professional Development
Caroline Bielanska TEP is a Solicitor at Caroline Bielanska Consultancy, and author of the STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising Vulnerable Clients

No place like home

Caroline Bielanska provides a case study on the difficulties of determining a client's capacity in England and Wales.
Regional Focus: Crown Dependencies
Kevin O’Loughlin TEP is an Associate at Simcocks Advocates

Performance-enhancing substance

Kevin O'Loughlin explains the Isle of Man's new substance requirements legislation.

Issue Focus: Vulnerable Clients

Johann Jacobs assesses the state of South Africa’s pending capacity legislation

Johann Jacobs assesses the state of South Africa's pending capactity legislation.