Director Mencap Trust Company - PJ262

London, UK
GBP 68,000 plus benefits
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Purpose of the role

• Lead the operations of Mencap Trust Company (MTC), to clearly demonstrate that the beneficiary is at the heart of everything MTC does, while at all times meeting the legal requirements of a professional discretionary trust service.
• Build a culture of high performance standards, ambition and continuous improvement for the Trust Company service with the view to MTC being a learning organisation.
• Be the face of MTC to the appropriate industry bodies, presenting the Trust as a highly professional and effective, low cost discretionary trust provider.
• Devise and recommend strategies to the Board for the development and growth of MTC as a practical resource for potential settlors and beneficiaries (developing products demanded by families, where this can be achieved cost effectively within the not-for-profit model).
• Implement such strategies as agreed with the Board agreeing targets to meet MTC’s aims and objectives.
• Ensure that MTC has excellent marketing materials, which are regularly updated and that multi-channel communications are used to when engaging our customers and potential customers.
• Develop excellent relationships and partnerships both within the RMS (e.g. Wills and Legacies, Mencap Branches, Golden Lane Housing) and externally.
• Keep abreast of developments that could affect MTC, both from a competitive and legal standpoint.
• Lead the analysis of risks, internal and external, ensuring that both the MTC team and Board are aware of them and encouraging ideas to reduce the risks and identify new ones.
• Ensure that the MTC Board is well supported and equipped to make decisions about Mencap Trust Company and about distribution of trust funds. Encourage and support Board succession planning.
• To establish good working relationships with the Board, collectively and individually, to maximise their input and expertise to further the MTC’s strategy.

Key responsibilities:

• Provide inspirational leadership and strategic direction
• Develop staff to reach their full potential
• Build valued relationships and networks internally and externally
• Maintain and develop relationships with beneficiaries, settlors and potential settlors, delegating such relationships where possible
• Role model and ambassador
• Responsibility for risk and financial control of MTC
• Responsibility for ensuring that MTC complies with all its legal responsibilities

Manager of people
The Trust Team is a small geographically dispersed group. The Director will drive a high performance culture to ensure that the Trust Team meets its objectives and targets creating a ‘can do’ culture where the team take responsibility for their actions. The Director will demonstrate positive behaviour and credibility and will be a role model for their team.

• Responsible for agreeing and setting performance objectives and that the team puts the beneficiary at the heart of everything they do.
• Ensure that effective workforce planning takes place, so that the team has the right tools and resources for their jobs.
• Make sure that development and succession planning takes place to enable the team to develop and continue to be effective as the Trust Company grows and changes.
• Actively develop each individual member of the team to reach their full potential including, wherever possible, the delegation of tasks.
• Show excellent leadership inspiring the team to work cohesively to a high standard, which makes a real and positive difference to each trust beneficiary and the important people in their lives.
• Responsible for engaging the team in the work of the Mencap family and a shared vision of working for an inclusive society. This will be achieved through effective leadership, management, communication, coaching and motivation.
• Lead a culture within the team that supports Mencap values of inclusion of all people, valuing difference and promoting diversity. Reflecting this, the Director will support the team to include people with a learning disability in the work the team undertakes in a meaningful, supportive and appropriate way.

Manager of stakeholders
The Director will work effectively, developing and maintaining excellent relations with internal and external stakeholders in order to raise the profile of discretionary trusts and MTC and meet the Trust’s performance targets. Stakeholders include:

• Internal stakeholders including MVS, Golden Lane Housing, PS, Community Teams and Local Groups, Wills and Trusts.
• External stakeholders including STEP leaders, family solicitors, other charities working with LD and wider networks in the LD community.
In addition, the Director will:
• Build and maintain excellent relations with all Board members, ensuring that their skills are best employed to achieve the Trust’s objectives.
• Actively seeks stakeholder involvement, engagement and feedback and use the information collected to positively impact the work undertaken and the projects being delivered.
• Respond to communications from stakeholders in an appropriate and timely way, using the most appropriate communication methods available.
• Monitor complaints and compliments, taking action where needed and communicating it to the Board.

Role model and ambassador
The Director will work well with internal and external contacts, presenting the Mencap Trust Company Ltd in a positive way and, where appropriate, represent the views of Royal Mencap in a way that raises awareness of the Trust’s work and influences the people they meet in a positive way.

The Director will:
Use every opportunity to explain:

oThe benefits of using a discretionary trust.
o That Mencap Trust Company has a unique understanding of the issues facing families with a member who has LD.
o That MTC has direct access to colleagues who can offer practical help and a shared vision of inclusion for people with LD.

Demonstrate a clear understanding of Mencap's mission, vision and values and set an example for the delivery of these in the things that they say and do.

Team player
The Director takes responsibility for their own work and is expected to work effectively and collaboratively with all colleagues to build good relationships that enable the achievement of objectives.

The Director will:
• Be committed to improving the team's performance through contributing good ideas and solutions and helping colleagues to do their job well.
• Lead change initiatives positively across the team and when influencing and working with other teams.
• Communicates positively, selling the benefits of change to all involved.
• Demonstrate commitment, reliability and availability to their team and wider Mencap colleagues through good diary management and time keeping.
• Demonstrate effective judgement in reporting and seeking guidance and support from others around them when this will enable them to resolve complex issues or the issue requires more senior management or Board awareness or involvement.

Finance and risk
The Director is responsible for the financial viability and growth of MTC, ensuring that there is thorough and regular analysis of risk, taking into account any legal, regulatory or other changes.

The Director will:
• Oversee and monitor income and expenditure, taking appropriate action to ensure the budget is met.
• Be responsible for devising the three year plan, ensuring that both staff and the Board’s thoughts are taken into account.
• Ensure that annual budgets and regular reforecasts are supplied to the Board and explained.
• Ensure that the risk reports are regularly reviewed, updated in line with changes and communicated with the Board.
• Regularly review the legislation and regulatory landscape, recommending and taking any action as appropriate

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