A regional body, STEP USA, has been established to coordinate activities and grow membership across the USA branches and chapters.
STEP USA has its own Board of Directors.

The current STEP Council Members representing the USA are Joseph Kellogg and Ellen Kratzer.

How to join STEP

Practitioners in the USA may be able to apply to join as a Full Member (TEP) today via our Accredited Education Partner Route.

Find out more and apply to become a Full Member (TEP) if you qualify.

Expertise Route

If you have at least ten years (senior level) experience and relevant qualifications/credentials you can apply to join today as a Full Member (TEP) via the Expertise Route.

Essay Route

If you have five years or more professional experience and a recognised qualification, you can apply today to join via the Essay Route. On enrolment, you would be an Affiliate Member and on passing three essays, you can upgrade to Full (TEP) Membership.

Exam Route

You can join via the Exam Route. Progress through our membership categories to Full (TEP) Membership by completing the STEP Diploma, comprising four Advanced Certificates (chosen from the three Diploma sets).

Affiliate Member

If you have one year's experience and a recognised qualification, you can apply to join today as an Affiliate Member (this is a good option if you don’t currently intend to progress from this category, or you wish to wait until you have five years' experience to become a Full Member (TEP) via the Essay Route).

Recognized Courses Route

STEP Worldwide recognizes certain US diplomas and credentials that allow for Full membership of STEP.

On-demand Webinars
USA Information and Resources

North America News Digest

We produce a North America News Digest, which is sent out twice a week and contains the latest industry news and developments from the USA, Canada and Mexico. You can subscribe to this Digest

US-related articles, news and other resources

Search the Knowledge Hub for the latest US-related STEP Journal and TQR articles, news and other resources. 

Branches and Chapters in the USA

Please check out the programs each branch is holding by clicking on a branch listed below.

STEP USA Policy and Technical Guidance

STEP USA has updated the guidance on the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), to reflect the legislation changes which came into force in January this year. The CTA mandates the creation of a database of Beneficial Ownership information, including reporting for corporates and similar entities. 

Guidance on US corporate transparency and beneficial ownership reporting