We have 17 branches and chapters in the USA. The members in this region make up approximately 5 per cent of the global STEP membership.

A regional body, STEP USA, has been established to coordinate activities and grow membership across the USA branches and chapters. STEP USA has its own Board of Directors.

The current STEP Council Members representing the USA are Babetta Von Albertini and Stan Barg.

We produce a North America News Digest, which is sent out twice a week and contains the latest industry news and developments from the USA, Canada and Mexico. You can subscribe to this Digest.

If you are interested in joining STEP in the USA please see the entry process and options.

Public Policy Committee

STEP USA hasa public policy committee designed to analyse and, where appropriate, provide comment on current legislative and regulatory developments. The rapid and dramatic changes to the federal tax laws and the interpretation of those laws by the government and the courts is important to all of us in our practices, and we believe that STEP can provide an important forum to study these developments, and to provide information about those changes to our members.

In addition, we intend to provide comments to the government on these legislative and regulatory changes where appropriate to do so. We are soliciting participation in this group from all of the branches of STEP USA, so that we are sure to get a good geographic balance within the group, and we will also be working with other professional groups so as to actively coordinate our efforts with those groups. If anyone is interested in working on this committee, please contact Stan Barg.

Branches and Chapters in the USA