Academic community

The STEP Academic Community is a new initiative aiming to give recognition to the global academic constituency within STEP, and to establish a platform for those members to contribute to the broad education functions of STEP. The global group will provide a forum for cross-discipline and multi-jurisdiction knowledge, research and practice. The key objectives of this community are to:

  • Evolve a scholarly community that is focused on academics’ teaching and research in the field of private wealth administration and succession
  • Provide a communications platform for that scholarly community to develop their knowledge and practice around existing and emerging areas in the wealth administration field and to promote their research and other activities
  • Contribute thought leadership to the education and public policy work of STEP Worldwide
  • Publish scholarly articles for journals in the wealth administration and succession field under the auspices of STEP
  • Coalesce practitioners and academics active in this broad-ranging field, not just STEP members


These are the current members of the Academic Community Committee

Research Project

Demand and Supply of Estate Planning and Business Succession Services. Read more...


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