STEP Advanced Certificate in Company Law and Practice

One of four Advanced Certificates that can be used to gain a STEP Diploma in International Trust Management, this course is useful for professionals that work with company service providers that need to understand the law and procedures applying to companies.

STEP Diploma

This Advanced Certificate can be taken as part of the STEP Diploma. Find out more

What does this qualification cover and how is it delivered?

What does this qualification cover?

  • An Introduction to Company Law and Practice
  • Characteristics of a Company
  • Company Formation and Related Issues
  • Registration and migration of foreign companies
  • The Company's Constitution
  • Capital
  • Directors Part 1 - Role, Appointment and Removal of Directors
  • Directors Part 2 - Directors' Powers and Duties (double module)
  • Other Officers of a Company: Secretary and Registered Agent
  • The Provision of Company Management Services and Beneficial Owner Control
  • Termination of Companies


How is it delivered?

The core programme is delivered through a blend of distance-learning and virtual workshops as part of a revision-week series provided online by experts in the field who possess vast amounts of professional experience and practical knowledge.

What other Advanced Certificates also make up the Diploma in International Trust Management?

The Diploma in International Trust Management consists of four Advanced Certificates:

This Diploma is recognised worldwide as the benchmark qualification for those working in the international trusts industry. ​​​​​​

Learning outcomes
  • Appreciate and describe the features, characteristics and uses of private asset-holding companies incorporated offshore
  • Know how to incorporate a private company and draft required documentation
  • Comply with the procedural requirements to migrate a company by continuation
  • Construe the constitutive documents of a typical company, namely its memorandum and articles of association, and be able to amend their provisions
  • Understand funding and the capital structure of a company and how capital is allocated to comply with capital maintenance provisions
  • Appreciate the limitations upon what is available to justify a dividend and that the same restrictions to not apply to repayment of debt
  • Comply with the duties of a director of a managed company and reduce risk for the firm providing directorships, company secretary and/or registered agent
  • Convene, hold and conduct (and waive) meetings of the board and general meetings of shareholders, conduct a variety of common corporate actions and draft accompanying resolutions
  • Balance beneficial owner control with the risks involved
  • Understand the role of receiver, liquidator
  • Conduct a members' voluntary winding-up or voluntary striking-off (and reinstatement).
Entry advice and requirements

Who would find this qualification useful?

This Advanced Certificate is suitable for a wide range of practitioners and counts towards the STEP Diploma.

What are the entry requirements?

Admission depends on meeting the Entry Level requirements, outlined in the Qualifications and Membership Framework.

How many STEP membership credits does this course provide?

The Full Diploma in International Trust Management provides 120 Diploma Level Credits (each individual Advanced Certificate that makes up this Diploma provides 30 Diploma Level credits). Find out more about how many credits you need to reach Full STEP membership.

Further course details

How long will it take to complete?

This Advanced Certificate takes six months to complete, from enrolling to sitting the examination.

How much will it cost?

The course fees for Advanced Certificates can be found on the CLTI website.

Where is it available?

This course is available worldwide. For full details visit the CLTI website.

What are the course dates?

For a full list of course dates applicable to your region, please see the CLTI website.

How do I apply?

Find out more information on enrolment

Help and advice

For enquiries on course enrolment please contact CLTI at [email protected] or +44(0)121 362 7733. For any other queries regarding professional development please email STEP at [email protected].


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