Advice & Information

Information leaflets relating to inheritance and succession, including trusts, making a will, power of attorney, cohabiting couples (UK) among others.

Below you can find a number of informational leaflets and fact sheets. Many of these leaflets apply to specific regions or countries, so please take note of this before downloading the relevant one. 

For people in the UK, STEP has a bespoke website - - with information and advice on anything from drafting a will to retiring abroad.

About STEP

STEP explained gives an overview of the Society, its membership and activities. 

About trusts

Trusts explained gives an overview of how trusts work and what they are most commonly used for, and corrects some of the widespread misconceptions held about trusts.

Why make a trust? 
provides a brief explanation of the benefit of making a trust, along with some frequently asked questions regarding trusts for members of the public.

Choosing a trustee: Read our article on what you should look for when choosing a trustee here

About wills

Why make a will? provides a brief explanation of the importance of making a will.

About what to do when someone dies

What to do when someone dies provides a brief outline to guide you through the process of what to do when someone dies: the steps that must be taken, the information that must be gathered and the legal terms that may be encountered.

About powers of attorney

Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney? provides a brief explanation of a Lasting Power of Attorney, outlining the two different types and the main points to consider when creating an LPA for members of the public in England and Wales.

Why make an Enduring Power of Attorney? provides a brief explanation of an Enduring Power of Attorney for members of the public.In Hong Kong, Enduring Powers of Attorney make it possible to make provision in advance for the possibility of you becoming incapable of managing your own financial and welfare affairs during your lifetime. 

About being a personal representative (UK)

People often underestimate the huge responsibility and challenges of being a personal representative and the personal liability it brings if things go wrong. This article sets out a few common pitfalls personal representatives may fall into and should serve as a warning to anyone contemplating administering an estate without obtaining legal advice.

About cohabiting couples (UK)

More than 3 million couples in the UK choose to cohabit, rather than marry or enter a civil partnership. If you are co-habiting, you do not have the same rights as a married couple; and contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘common-law marriage’.