STEP Caribbean Conference 2020 - Agenda

Conference brochure (PDF 3MB)

The full programme will be available soon and will include:

  • 21st Century Estate Planning
  • Displacement/Migration and Wealth Preservation
  • Impact of Innovation and Technology on the Financial Services Industry
  • Brexit: Has the dust settled?
  • The Great Debate: This House Believes that Transparency is Actually a Wonderful Thing
  • Surviving Tax Amnesty
  • Keynote Session: Economic Substance
  • De-risking
  • Time to Stand up and Fight Back
  • Digital Assets
  • Just let them have it
  • Foundations (Spanish Session)
  • Taxation and Amnesty ( Spanish session)
  • I've got the POA
  • Cross-border family succession issues
  • Tax Jurisdiction Comparison Breakout Sessions: Panama, Mexico, Colombia
  • Legacy Issues
  • Multiple Wills
  • Second Generation Trust
  • Modern Trust/Private Foundation: Planning in the Region (Panama)