All-Party Parliamentary Group

Inheritance & Intergenerational Fairness

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Inheritance & Intergenerational Fairness (APPG IIF) was established in February 2019 to promote understanding of the issues generated by inheritance and intergenerational fairness issues and to facilitate discussion on methods of reform. 

STEP provides Secretariat support for the Group.

The agenda for the APPG IIF 2019 is as follows:

  • Inheritance introduction and overview (Tuesday 12 March 2-4pm)
  • Inheritance  reliefs and proposals (Tuesday 23 April 3-5pm)
  • Government perspective (Tuesday 30 April 3-5pm)
  • International perspective (Wednesday 15 May 3-5pm)
  • Future reforms (Tuesday 28 May 3-5pm)

The register for APPG IIF is available here

We encourage Parliamentarians with an interest in issues relating to inheritance tax and intergenerational fairness to join the group

For more information please email the Secretariat at