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TQR: June 2017

  • A cog in the machine
  • All around the houses
  • Election feverSTEP TQR. June 2017. Election Fever.
  • Secrets and isles Examining the changes to the Cayman Islands’ confidentiality laws - Concerted efforts are being made both onshore and offshore to implement stringent legislation to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Unfortunately, this can confuse and worry professionals caught in the crossfire, including trustees, who find that identifying exactly what is expected of them in terms of information disclosure is, to say the least, a troublesome task.
  • Cease or assistSTEP TQR. June 2017. Cease or assist.
  • Red linesSTEP TQR June 2017. Red lines. A review of the UK Court of Appeal’s decision in Dawson-Damer and the implications for disclosure under trust law.
  • Book Review: Arbitration of Trust Disputes: Issues in National and International LawSTEP TQR June 2017. Book review: Arbitration of Trust Disputes: Issues in National and International Law.

STEP Journal: May 2017 - Full Issue

  • Foreword - May 2017STEP Journal: May 2017. Foreword Maureen Berry TEP.
  • Professional karma
  • The ONLUS regime and non-resident trustsSTEP Journal May 2017. Nicola Saccardo TEP. The ONLUS regime and non-resident trusts.
  • What can you bring to the boardroom table?STEP Journal May 2017. Julie Hutchison. What can you bring to the boardroom table?
  • A little more conversationSTEP Journal: May 2017. A little more conversation. Clare Usher-Wilson.
  • The best-laid plans...STEP Journal May 2017. Grace Chow TEP. The best-laid plans...
  • Finding true northSTEP Journal May 2017. Sandra L Enticknap QC TEP and Wendi P Crowe TEP. Finding true north.
  • Plan of actionSTEP Journal May 2017. Mark Strong TEP and Jennifer Einziger TEP. Plan of action.
  • Trump yet to play his cardsSTEP Journal May 2017. Bruce Zagaris.Trump yet to play his cards.
  • Resident of the United States?STEP Journal May 2017. Resident of the United States? Jonathan Mintz explains why advance tax planning is critical for non-US persons investing in the US
  • Plus ça change?STEP Journal May 2017. Plus ça change? Kevin Wark explores recent developments affecting life insurance policies and estate planning in Canada
  • Balancing actSTEP Journal May 2017. Balancing act. Antonia Felix and Peter Steen compare the viewpoints of a family lawyer and a trust lawyer on the variation of nuptial settlements in England and Wales
  • Private matters in the public eyeSTEP Journal May 2017. Private matters in the public eye. Suzanne Kingston and Jemma Thomas review a recent application to block media reporting of a divorce case in England and Wales
  • Accounting for divorceSTEP Journal May 2017. Accounting for divorce. David Foster discusses the UK and US tax implications of divorce between spouses in a wealthy, internationally mobile family
  • The gene is out of the bottleSTEP Journal May 2017. The gene is out of the bottle. Practitioners must understand how the laws of succession interact with advances in reproductive medicine, write Simon Weil, Jean-Marc Tirard and Joshua S Rubenstein
  • Dubai’s the limitSTEP Journal May 2017. Dubai’s the limit. Adriana Rocchi discusses the proposed amendments to DIFC Law No 11 of 2005 and their likely effect
  • Cape crusade on IHTSTEP Journal May 2017. Cape crusade on IHT. Jaco van Zyl and Nick Beresford explain how draft legislation in the Finance Bill 2017 may expose South African resident individuals to UK inheritance tax
  • Continental shiftSTEP Journal May 2017. Continental shift. Stephen Whale assesses African clients’ preparedness for the Common Reporting Standard
  • Island of plentySTEP Journal May 2017.Island of plenty. Muhammad Aadil Koomar highlights how a Mauritius trust can be used for investments in Africa
  • Still a hot prospectSTEP Journal May 2017. Still a hot prospect. Michael Powell asks whether the benefits of trusts and trustees have been eroded for the Indian community
  • What’s in a name?STEP Journal May 2017. What’s in a name? Maria Grishina warns of the Russian inheritance law issues that may arise when using structures with nominee shareholders
  • PET peevesSTEP Journal May 2017. PET peeves. Ray Magill explores UK legislation that creates the possibility of multiple potentially exempt transfers affecting one property
  • Lasting powersSTEP Journal May 2017. Lasting powers. Alex Elphinston asks when a deputy’s duty to their client ends
  • Avoiding the certainties of death and taxesSTEP Journal May 2017. Avoiding the certainties of death and taxes. Matthew Morrison explores rectification in the UK in the context of unintended UK tax consequences
  • TQR: from pole to pole
  • Book Review: Build Your Family Bank: a Winning Vision for Multigenerational WealthBuild Your Family Bank: a Winning Vision for Multigenerational Wealth, By Emily Griffiths-Hamilton, Reviewed by Geoffrey Todd TEP