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Family Offices: The STEP Handbook for Advisers, Third Edition (2023)

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Edited by Barbara Hauser TEP and Nicola Saccardo TEP, and co-published by STEP and Globe Law and Business, this practical guide steers readers through the family office model, from its inception to the final stage in its ‘life cycle’.

Written by leading experts in the field, this third edition has been fully updated and looks at a broad range of key topics including:

  • establishing a family office and choosing the right jurisdiction;
  • the tax structuring of a family office;
  • the pros and cons of a ‘virtual’ office;
  • governance, crisis planning and long-term resilience;
  • hiring leaders for the family office;
  • philanthropy and the global culture of giving; and
  • responsible wealth stewardship.

New chapters cover family office relevancy, the importance of the family owner’s manual, reputation in the digital age, diversity and inclusion in estate planning, and building and caring for family art collections. In addition, the book explores the increasing number of important jurisdictions and features chapters on Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Greater China, the Gulf states, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

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Beneficial Ownership Registers: The STEP Handbook for Advisers (August 2021)

Consulting Editor - Paolo Panico TEP

Price - STEP member GBP140, non-member GBP175

The registration of the details of beneficial owners has become a new variable to be considered in any estate planning or asset protection exercise and more generally in any circumstance where a company or any other legal arrangement is created. The first to comprehensively approach this topic, this book, which is co-published by Globe Law and Business and STEP, provides an in-depth analysis of the beneficial ownership registers legislation in a number of EU jurisdictions as well as in the UK, which pioneered it with the creation of its own ‘PSC Register’. It also looks at similar initiatives being experienced in some leading international financial centres as well as in the US.

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Global Mobility of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (August 2021)

Consulting Editor: - Nicola Saccardo TEP

Price - STEP member GBP140, non-member GBP175

Co-published in association with STEP, this title features contributions by leading private client practitioner from 15 key jurisdictions worldwide and provides readers with expert guidance on the tax and legal aspects of inbound and outbound transfer of residence of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Chapters cover the relevant law in their respective jurisdictions relating to immigration; tax; succession; and family. It also considers the application of tax treaties to beneficial tax regimes, fiscal nomads, as well as other key topics.

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STEP Accounting Guidelines, 3rd Edition (2018)

Author - Jonathan Cooke TEP

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STEP Accounting Guidelines for the Preparation of Trust and Estate Accounts in England & Wales is an essential handbook for all practitioners who prepare trust and estate accounts. It provides material and commentary to enable professionals to produce accounts that meet the special needs of trustees, personal representatives and their beneficiaries. The second edition was written as a supplement to the first edition for those practitioners who wished to explore the subject in greater depth and learn more about the process of preparing accounts, and this third edition is an updated version of that. It includes examples of tax returns and tax deduction certificates that would be prepared based on the specimen accounts. These are available to download here

These Guidelines have been prepared with the authority of the STEP England & Wales Committee and cover the needs of trust and estate practitioners in England and Wales. Nevertheless, practitioners from jurisdictions with similar laws and practices may also find them useful.

A Practical Guide to Transfer of Trusteeships, 3rd edition (August 2017)

Editors - Richard Williams TEP, Arabella Saker TEP and Toby Graham TEP
Price: STEP members - GBP88 Non-members: GBP110

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This text, first published by STEP in 2007 and now in its third edition, reviews the difficulties that rise on the transfer of trusteeships, particularly in respect of the negotiation of indemnities, and sets out a suggested approach. It contains:

  • a core section dealing with trusts governed by English law;
  • jurisdictional chapters, which explain the differences under local law for trusts governed by the laws of The Bahamas, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand and Singapore;
  • precedent deeds of change of trustee for each of those jurisdictions;
  • a detailed drafting commentary;
  • a U.S. commentary which outlines general principles involved in the transfer of trusteeships of U.S. trusts and general tendencies among states, with a particular focus on the trusteeship laws of the State of New York; and
  • a table of references listing the statutes and cases, for ease of reference.

The text is an essential reference work for any legal practitioners, trust company professionals and others involved in advising on the transfer of trusteeships.

Cross-Border Wealth Planning through Liechtenstein: The new tax regime, arrangements within the United Kingdom and international tax agreements

Authors - Ralph Thiede and Mark Summers
Price - CHF30 (including P&P)

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the new domestic taxation rules in Liechtenstein and the cross-border tax principles implement under the UK-Liechtenstein double-tax agreement and the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.

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Deconstructing National Blacklists (2005)

Deconstructing National Tax Blacklists reveals that the blacklists operated by large and powerful countries against smaller and weaker ones are often based on arbitrary criteria and not objectively justified.

Blacklists may simply be copied between countries without revision or drawn from lists compiled by international organisations for other purposes; and even when initially based on a clear methodology, they are rarely updated to take account of changed circumstances. Deconstructing National Tax Blacklists should cause the exponents of blacklists to rethink their approach and end discrimination against smaller states.

This publication is available to read free of charge: Deconstructing National Tax Blacklists

Developing a Global Agenda (2014)

Published by - STEP in association with Bloomsbury Professional and edited by Richard Pease

Buy on Amazon - STEP members get a £15 discount, non-members GBP75 (plus P&P) can buy directly on Amazon.

Developing a Global Agenda draws together expert insight and analysis on many of the key themes from the inaugural Congress; from international developments in transparency and compliance, to challenges and opportunities brought by technology, the changing global demographic, and an increasingly global client base.

Towards a Level Playing Field (2003)

Corporate Vehicles in Cross-Border Transactions, 2nd Edition

A review commissioned by the International Trade and Investment Organisation and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Conducted by Stikeman Elliot.

This publication is available to read free of charge: Towards a Level Playing Field: Regulating Corporate Vehicles in Cross-Border Transactions, 2nd edition

Towards Greater Fairness in Taxation: A Model Taxpayer Charter

Authors - Michael Cadesky TEP, Ian Hayes, David Russell QC TEP

Buy on Amazon - STEP members get a discount to buy this book for GBP40 (plus P&P), non-members GBP80 (plus P&P) can buy directly on Amazon.

In this Preliminary Report, AOTCA, CFE and STEP have collaborated on the development of a Model Taxpayer Charter. The provisions were derived from a survey of taxpayer rights and responsibilities in 37 countries, collectively representing over 73 per cent of world GDP. The overriding purposes of the Charter are to foster a relationship of mutual trust, respect and responsibility between taxpayers and the State, regarding taxpayers' obligations to the State; and, on behalf of the State as to the rights of taxpayers, to codify certain duties of the tax administration. Through these means, it is suggested that it will reduce the costs of compliance, increase the quality and efficacy of willing compliance, and ensure that all taxpayers are treated equally and without bias or preference.

Trust Taxation in Switzerland

Price - within Switzerland: CHF10 (including VAT, P&P) The rest of the world: CHF20 (including P&P)

This booklet is the result of cooperation between all the STEP Branches and Centres in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and includes STEP's translation of Circular Letter No. 30, of the Swiss Conference for Tax Matters, as well as a commentary thereto, and a bibliography of related books and publications in various languages.

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STEP-endorsed books

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NB: While a STEP panel has reviewed these titles and considered them to be useful to a significant group of STEP members, STEP does not accept liability or responsibility for errors or omissions therein.

Business Families and Family Businesses (2nd Edition) 2018

Consulting editors - Simon Rylatt TEP
Price - STEP member GBP104, non-members GBP130

This is a comprehensive handbook for all practitioners who advise business families, including lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and wider family business advisers. The new edition features chapters by leading practitioners in the field, including the Family Firms Institute, Schroders, Boodle Hatfield and SandAire, Kleinwort Hambros, Dixon Wilson and Rathbones. The book considers what makes business families and family businesses unique, and examines the issues that advisors are often called upon to consider and address when assisting them. It helps practitioners to deepen their understanding of how families operate, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to advise on such complex areas as conflicts between working and non-working family members, ownership structure, succession, wealth management, governance and meeting a family’s philanthropic objectives.

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European Cross Border Estate Planning

General Editor - Timothy Lyons QC TEP
Price - STEP member GBP1,635.30, Non-members GBP1,817

European Cross Border Estate Planning discusses legal entities, the concepts of domicile and residence, considers reliefs and exemptions and explains the law relating to the estates of deceased individuals.

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Finance and Law for the Older Client

Price - STEP member GBP487.20, non-members GBP609

This looseleaf is designed to help financial advisers, lawyers and accountants advise their elderly clients on a range of financial and legal topics. It contains easy to access information that is both detailed and practical.

Endorsed by STEP, a 20% discount is available to STEP members.

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International Protection of Adults

Editors - Richard Frimston TEP, Alexander Ruck-Keene TEP, Claire van Overdijk TEP and Adrian Ward MBE TEP
Price - STEP member GBP216 (plus P&P), non-members GBP270

Endorsed by STEP, the International Protections of Adults provides a clear, comprehensive, and unique overview of all relevant capacity and private international law issues, and the existing solutions in common law and civil law jurisdictions and under Hague Convention XXXV. It is the only comprehensive analysis available of the key issues in relation to mental capacity in 52 jurisdictions, delivered by renowned experts in the field.

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The International Family Offices Journal

Editor - Barbara R Hauser TEP
Price - STEP member GBP486.50, non-members GBP695 for a one-year subscription (four issues)

International journal featuring articles from leading professionals, who discuss a range of topics including: the various family office models and structures; governance issues; protection of assets; charity projects; consensus and communication within families; next generation issues. Endorsed by, and featuring news alerts from, STEP.

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International Succession Laws

Consultant Editors -Mark Bridges, and David Way
Price - STEP member GBP384, non-members GBP480

Written by leading practitioners from around the world, this looseleaf title is an important service for trust practitioners, lawyers, accountants and banks.

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Planning and Administration of Offshore and Onshore Trusts

Consultant Editors - Simon Jennings, Joseph A Field and Anthony Travers
Price - STEP member GBP464, non-members GBP580

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Tolley’s Administration of Estates

Price - STEP member GBP539.20, non-members GBP674

In this one volume not only are all the important legal aspects discussed, but also tax and accounts issues are fully covered - and a variety of useful examples of completed forms and accounts help to provide practical assistance.

Approximately two issues per year (invoiced separately). Endorsed by STEP, a 20% discount is available to STEP members.

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Tolley’s Administration of Trusts

Price - STEP member GBP491.20, non-members GBP614

Written by a team of more than 20 distinguished and leading experts in the field, Tolley's Administration of Trusts provides practical and accessible guidance on all aspects of trust administration.

Approximately two issues per year, invoiced separately. Endorsed by STEP, a 20% discount is available to STEP members.

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Trust Drafting and Precedents

Editors - Geoffrey Shindler OBE and Julie Bell
Price - STEP member GBP400, non-members GBP500

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Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions: Fifth Edition

General Editor - Alon Kaplan TEP
Price - STEP Member GBP236, Non-Members GBP295

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