About Us - STEP Bahamas

Over the years of the Branch’s existence, the Directorship has been made up of respected individuals in the industry who have assisted in the continued growth of its membership. Branch Directors who are serving in positions within STEP Worldwide continue to represent the Bahamas and provide updates necessary to enhance the Branch.

Monthly luncheons are offered to the members so that they can pass on pertinent information through knowledgeable presenters from the international and local arenas.

The Branch also continues to host the Foundation and Diploma exams, which is one of the methods used to become a qualified STEP member. In facilitating the exams, face-to-face courses are held during the course of the year to help persons prepare for a successful attempt at the examinations. The Branch Administrator is available to assist with course enrolments, reservations for the monthly luncheons and the addressing of any other queries. The Administrator can be contacted via [email protected].

To further edify the minds of our members and keep them interested in this industry, we host an Annual Moot with the participation of leading law firms in the Bahamas. The debated issue is always a matter that concerns the Trust world.

Additionally, our annual half-day seminar, co-hosted with the Bahamas Financial Services Board, is filled with interesting information that all our members require to stay abreast of industry changes.

The Bahamas Branch is a full supporter and presenter at the Annual Nassau Conference hosted by the Association of International Banks & Trust. We also share interests and resources with the Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers and the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants.