Welcome to STEP Israel

STEP Israel is part of the London-based STEP society, which advises families across generations.

STEP is an international professional association with 20,000 members in 95 jurisdictions. STEP serves lawyers, accountants and bankers who are involved in the establishment of trusts, managing estates and related tax planning. STEP Israel is a nonprofit registered company, providing its members with news and updated information in their particular areas of interest, as well as creating professional and personal contacts.

An annual conference of STEP Israel is held in Tel Aviv. In addition, seminars are organized which focus on specialist topics.

Conference announcement

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Due to the current situation in Israel, we decided to cancel the STEP Israel Annual Conference 2024.

We remain hopeful for peaceful days and anticipate hosting you again at our STEP Israel Annual Conference in June 2025.

Best regards,

STEP Israel