Canada Board of Directors

Under Council’s delegated authority, the STEP Canada Board of Directors is the sovereign body of STEP in Canada and applies the devolved regional budget to deliver services to members in Canada in the following areas: membership and subscription administration; regulatory activity; financial management; member service activities; branch support activities; internal governance; education (under the supervision of the STEP Professional Development Committee); research and policy activity; development and management of a Canadian-based publication for members; National Conference; membership communications; and staffing.

The Board consists of the number of members necessary to fulfil the officer positions described in section 2 of the STEP Canada Board regulations and such other officers as the Board shall from time to time determine. Presently the officers of STEP Canada are the Chair, two Deputy Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Chair. At every annual general meeting, the members of STEP Canada appoint or elect from among the ordinary members Directors to fill any vacancies for the coming year. The regional branch chairs for the eight regional branches of STEP Canada are ex-officio members of the Board of Directors.

Regional Chapter Chairs

  • Pina Melchionna TEP, Saskatchewan Regional Chapter Chair
  • Diane Wood TEP, London & Southwestern Ontario Regional Chapter Chair
  • Alison Oxtoby TEP, Okanagan Regional Chapter Chair

National Committees

  • STEP Canada Audit Committee: Peggy Gates- Hammond (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Awards Committee: Beaty Beaubier (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Education Committee: Peter Weissman (Chair)
  • STEP Inside Editorial Committee: Shamim Panchbhaya (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Governance Committee: Rachel Blumenfeld; Richard Niedermayer (Co-Chairs)
  • STEP Canada Member Services Committee: Leanne Kaufman (Chair)
  • STEP Canada 2018 National Conference Committee: Brian Cohen; Christine Van Cauwenberghe; Corina Weigl (Co-Chairs)
  • STEP Canada Nominations and Human Resources Committee: Rachel Blumenfeld (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Past Chairs Committee: Michael Cadesky; Paul Le Breux, Grace Chow; Kim Moody; Mary Anne Bueschkens; Ian Worland; Tim Grieve
  • STEP Canada Strategic Planning Committee: Ruth March(Chair)
  • STEP Canada Student Liaison Committee: Kyle McDonnell (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Trust & Estate Technical Committee: Timothy Matthews (Chair)
  • STEP Canada Tax Technical Committee: Maureen Berry; David Stevens (Co-Chair)
  • STEP Canada Public Policy Committee: Pamela Cross; Michael Cadesky (Co-Chairs)

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