STEP Certificate in International Trust Management

This Certificate provides a solid grounding in international trust practice from a global and local perspective and is suitable for delegates with little or no experience.

Delivered in association with Manchester Business School, a collaboration between STEP and CLT International (CLTI).

STEP Diploma

Taking a STEP Certificate provides entry credits that can enable you to enrol on the STEP Diploma. Find out more

What does this qualification cover and how is it delivered?

What does this qualification cover?

This Entry Level Certificate is designed as an introduction to prepare delegates for the Diploma in International Trust Management. It is also often used by professionals that only interact with trusts and trustees indirectly and need to understand the basics.


How is it delivered?

The core programme is delivered through a blend of distance-learning and virtual workshops as part of a revision-week series provided online by experts in the field who possess vast amounts of professional experience and practical knowledge.

What are the benefits to me and my employer?

How will I benefit from this course?

Successful completion of this certificate will help you to:

  • increase your knowledge of international trust and company services, including the vehicles, legal structures, principles and practices underpinning them;
  • provide an overview of the legislation, principles and practice in your local jurisdiction;
  • enhance your career with a qualification that is recognised by those working in the trust industry;
  • provide a route to STEP membership and the STEP Diploma courses.

How will my employer benefit?

Successful completion of the Certificate will enable you to:

  • add value to your business and professional service;
  • enhance your ability to give holistic advice to clients as a “trusted advisor”;
  • distinguish you and your firm from the competition.
Entry advice and requirements

Who would find this qualification useful?

The range of practitioners currently taking this course includes members of the accountancy, banking, legal and trust professions (at all levels); charity specialists; a wide range of support staff and paralegals; tax advisors; independent financial advisors and executorship administrators.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal educational entry requirements for the Certificate. However, applicants should be aware that all programmes and materials are in English.

How many STEP membership credits does this course provide?

This course provides 30 entry level credits. Find out more about how many credits you need to reach Full STEP membership

Further course details

How long will it take to complete?

The Certificate course will take from four to six months to complete.

How much will it cost?

For fee information please visit the CLTI website.

Where and when is it available?

You can find further details and course dates on the CLTI website.

How do I apply?

Find out more information on enrolment

Help and advice

For enquiries on course enrolment please contact CLTI at [email protected] or +44(0)121 362 7733. For any other queries regarding professional development please email STEP at [email protected].


CPD Policy

Members are required to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills to ensure a high standard of practice.


We offer a range of member categories to suit your professional requirements, qualifications and experience.

Our Education Partner: CLTI

The Advanced Certificates that make up the STEP Diploma are delivered by STEP's primary training partner, CLTI. CLTI is a professional training, education and qualifications provider for the financial services industry, and over the past 20 years, CLTI and STEP have worked together to develop more than 25 qualifications and training courses that fit practitioners’ needs, and support STEP’s Exam Route to Full Membership