Disciplinary Panel


1. The Disciplinary Panel (DP) on referral considers complaints or information about the actions of a STEP Member in accordance with the STEP Disciplinary Rules (“the Rules”).


2. The disciplinary process is the means by which complaints about STEP members which allege a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct are investigated.

3. The disciplinary process ensures that standards of behaviour and attitude expected of all STEP members are maintained. This upholds the reputation of trust and estate professionals and STEP as a professional body.

4. The Disciplinary Panel may from time to time make recommendations to the Professional Standards Committee. These will relate to the need for policy decisions to enable effective decision making which supports the maintenance of appropriate professional standards.


5. The Disciplinary Panel including Investigation Sub Committees and Appeal Committees are authorised by the Rules to investigate complaints and take appropriate action against a STEP member.

6. The Disciplinary Panel reports to the STEP Board.

Secretary to the Panel - Sarah Manuel, Head of Professional Standards

Other members of STEP are temporarily co-opted to consider specific cases and to sit on sub-committees.

Panel Members: