STEP is a community of more than 21,000 practitioners, forming an information network enabling the sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas. Within this, our specialist areas include seven Special Interest Groups and an Academic Community. You can also get involved with members online through our topic-based forums and social media platforms.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups facilitate professional development and networking in focused practice areas.

Academic Community

An inclusive community of academics and practitioners contributing to the broad education functions of STEP.


Trusts Discussion, Contentious Trusts, Latin America, and North America forums enable discussion and exchange of information.

The STEP Blog

Quickly catch up with news and views from STEP members and staff.


STEP on Social Media

STEP currently has a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook

Member News

The latest news and developments from across the STEP world.

60 Second Interviews

A series of interviews with senior members and industry figures.