Meet Judith Ingham TEP, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at last year's STEP Private Client Awards.

Meet Emma Chamberlain OBE TEP, who will be discussing disabled trusts at the Virtual UK Annual Tax Conference in June.

After being seconded to our trust team, undertaking a formal technical qualification was enormously rewarding, says Helen Price TEP.

Being part of the Bermuda STEP Committee gave me an amazing opportunity to make a difference to the jurisdiction, says Founder’s Award recipient Jonathan Dunlop TEP.

Receiving a Founder’s Award made me conscious of the number of other members doing wonderful work for STEP, says Grahame Young TEP.

Winning a STEP Private Client Award last year was the ultimate accolade in our industry, says Natacha Onawelho-Loren TEP of Accuro.

The quality of educational resources available to STEP members is second to none, says Founder's Award recipient Richard Niedermayer TEP.

It's commendable that STEP brings together education, training and thought leadership for so many professions within a single professional body, says James Painter, Director of MP Analytics.

Education and policy are the most important things that STEP does, says Jennifer Sheean TEP.

I was very honoured to receive the Founder’s Award, says Dr Paolo Filippini TEP.