Academic Community Research Project

The 2016 STEP Academic Community research project will be: Demand and Supply of Estate Planning and Business Succession Services


Over the next several decades, the ageing of Australia’s population is expected to adversely impact the health, size of the working-age population, housing and demand for skilled labour of the nation.

A major implication of these trends for business is the importance of developing appropriate succession planning. For the general population estate planning is of equal importance.

This proposed study aims to identify the extent of succession and estate planning already undertaken and the expected demand for these services in Australia. Findings from this research will inform the business and wider Australian community, promote the need for appropriate succession and estate planning and promote the role of STEP within the financial services sector in Australia.

The survey instruments and methodologies to be developed and employed in this study will be designed to be replicated across other jurisdictions in which STEP operates.

The research will be conducted by Professor Adam Steen (Charles Sturt University) and Dr Chris Graves (Adelaide University)