Employer Partnership Programme

The STEP EPP enables us to build strong and lasting relationships with companies within a wide range of professions where STEP members are, or should be, employed.

Through these relationships we:

  • Gain partners that champion STEP’s professional standards, continued professional development (CPD) and education across their workforce
  • Grow the membership of STEP, which in turn, benefits existing members and their employers
  • Support the learning and development of existing, new and potential members
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing

Programme Benefits

Key programme benefits have an impact on relationships, reputation and resources.

  • Accreditation will set you apart from other employers. It recognises that you value and invest in your people and celebrates your success as an organisation
  • Accreditation will help you to attract better talent. Good people want to work for good companies
  • Our detailed assessment of your learning and development provision for staff against robust quality standards provides you with insight into how you are leading, supporting and developing your workforce
  • We can provide feedback on how you might build upon your existing provision to better support staff
  • We check in with you regularly and keep you up-to-date with new developments and opportunities to work with us at STEP
  • We provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking with other employers and STEP members
  • We provide access to a number of resources to complement and support your existing staff development programme
  • We work with you to share your stories and successes via the EPP and STEP LinkedIn pages, the STEP Journal and the STEP website
Become an Employer Partner

Demonstrate your commitment to the learning and development of your staff.

Employer Partner Resources

A dedicated bank of resources including media procedures, EPP logo guidelines and discounts.


Read what our partners have to say about the Employer Partnership Programme.

Case Studies

Learn from the excellent offering of learning and development opportunities and support our partners provide their staff.

Accredited Partners

View our accredited employer partners.

Get Involved

If you’d like to know more about how you can get involved with the EPP please contact us on [email protected]