STEP on Social Media

STEP has a presence on a number of social media platforms, as well as its own blog and forum.

STEP currently has a presence on four social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.


We have an official STEP account @STEPSociety and use it to share news and articles with followers. Our Advising Families public-facing website has its own Twitter account @AdvisingFamily


On LinkedIn, STEP has an official member-only Group and a number of subgroups.

LinkedIn provides an online area where members can discuss issues and develop their network and where STEP can talk to members and receive feedback and opinions on STEP and industry issues.

The following group is for STEP members only:

The following groups are open to Special Interest Group members only:


STEP has an official Facebook page, so interested members and non-members can ‘Like’ us to get regular updates on our activity and upcoming events. The Advising Families site also has a Facebook page.


STEP uses YouTube for industry highlights, STEP Private Client Award winners, and more.

Branches and social media

We encourage branches and chapters to explore social media as a means of communicating with both members and potential members at a local level. The various channels can be used to promote branch activities, network with other members and discuss locally relevant topics.

We have therefore developed a set of guidelines (PDF 1MB) for branches to explain how and why we are using social media, and how branches and chapters can get involved.

Beyond third party media

This area is developing and we continuously monitor new channels to see if they could work for us.

Beyond these third-party channels, STEP also has the STEP Forum - a member-only discussion space and the STEP Blog – where members can comment on regular posts from senior members and staff