Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Company ownership and control: discussion paper on a public central register 09/12/2014 Public Policy Committee
Response 09/12/2014
Scottish Government - Technical Issues Relating to Succession 07/11/2014 STEP
Response 06/11/2014
HM Revenue & Customs - Strengthening the Tax Avoidance Disclosure Regimes 23/10/2014 UK Technical Committee
Response 23/10/2014
HM Revenue & Customs - Implementing agreements under the global standard on automatic exchange of information 22/10/2014 UK Technical Committee
Response 20/10/2014
HM Revenue & Customs - Legislating Extra Statutory Concession D33 15/09/2014 UK Technical Committee
Response 19/09/2014
HM Revenue & Customs - Inheritance tax: A fairer way of calculating trust charges 29/08/2014 UK Technical Committee
Response 29/08/2014
European Commission - Consultation on the functioning of the Brussels IIa Regulation (EC 2201/2003) 18/07/2014 EU Committee
Response 18/07/2014
European Commission - Tax problems faced by EU citizens when active across borders within the EU 03/07/2014 EU Committee
Response 03/07/2014
European Commission - Cross-border inheritance tax problems within the EU 03/07/2014 EU Committee
Response 03/07/2014
HM Treasury - Implementing a capital gains tax charge on non-residents 24/06/2014 UK Technical Committee
Response 24/06/2014