Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
House of Lords - The House of Lords Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 - call for evidence 02/09/2013 UK Practice Committee and Mental Capacity Special Interest Group
Response 23/08/2013
Ministry of Justice - Consultation on draft rules in relation to non-contentious probate business in England and Wales 29/08/2013 UK Practice Committee
Response 23/08/2013
HM Revenue & Customs - Inheritance Tax: Simplifying Charges on Trusts 23/08/2013 UK Technical Committee
Response 23/08/2013
Ministry of Justice - Balance of Competences Review: Call for Evidence on Civil Judicial Cooperation 05/08/2013 UK Technical Committee
Response 05/08/2013
HM Revenue & Customs - Reform of an anti-avoidance provision: Transfer of Assets Abroad 10/10/2013 UK Technical Committee
Response 18/07/2013
HM Treasury - FATCA and Trusts – Outstanding questions following the issuing of updated regulations and guidance on the implementation of FATCA 02/07/2013 Public Policy Committee
Response 02/07/2013
European Commission - A 'European Taxpayer's Code' 17/05/2013 EU Committee
Response 17/05/2013
Ministry of Justice - Fee remissions for the courts and tribunals 16/05/2013 UK Practice Committee and Mental Capacity Special Interest Group
Response 16/05/2013
Ministry of Justice - Draft Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Bill 03/05/2013 UK Practice Committee
Response 03/05/2013
HM Revenue & Customs - Inheritance tax: limiting the deduction for liabilities 22/04/2013 UK Technical Committee
Response 22/04/2013