Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
HM Revenue & Customs - General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) Guidance 06/02/2013 UK Technical Committee
Response 06/02/2013
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - OECD Model Tax Convention: revised discussion draft on the meaning of “beneficial owner” 15/12/2012 Public Policy Committee
Response 12/12/2012
European Parliament - Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI): Statute for a European Foundation (FE) 26/11/2012 Public Policy Committee
Response 26/11/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Implementing the UK-US FATCA Agreement 26/11/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 26/11/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Consultation on vulnerable beneficiary trusts 08/11/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 08/11/2012
Legal Services Board - Enhancing consumer protection, reducing regulatory restrictions: will-writing, probate and estate administration activities 08/11/2012 England and Wales Regional Committee
Response 07/11/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Lifting the Lid on Tax Avoidance Schemes 15/10/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 26/10/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - The attribution of gains to members of closely controlled non-resident companies 22/10/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 22/10/2012
Office of the Public Guardian - Transforming the Services of the Office of the Public Guardian: A Consultation 19/10/2012 Response 12/10/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Inheritance Tax: Simplifying Charges on Trusts 05/10/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 05/10/2012