Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
HM Revenue & Customs - Inheritance Tax: Simplifying Charges on Trusts 05/10/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 05/10/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Resolving tax disputes: Draft code of governance for HMRC 14/09/2012 UK Practice Committee and Mental Capacity Special Interest Group
Response 14/09/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) Consultation document 14/09/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 14/09/2012
HM Treasury - Statutory definition of tax residence 13/09/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 13/09/2012
HM Treasury - Ensuring the fair taxation of residential property transactions 23/08/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 23/08/2012
European Commission - Discussion Paper on possible future measures against non-cooperative jurisdictions and aggressive tax planning and a possible strategy at EU level – Seminar July 17 2012 08/08/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 08/08/2012
Republic of Ireland Department of Finance - Public consultation on tax residence rules 31/07/2012 Ireland and Public Policy Committee
Response 31/07/2012
Legal Services Board - Enhancing consumer protection, reducing regulatory restrictions: willwriting, probate and estate administration activities 14/07/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 14/07/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Possible changes to Income Tax rules on interest 22/06/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 29/06/2012
Welsh Government - Consultation on a Separate Legal Jurisdiction for Wales 18/06/2012 Wales and Public Policy Committee
Response 18/06/2012