Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
European Commission - Report on the application of Directive 2005/60/EC on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing 12/06/2012 EU Committee
Response 12/06/2012
European Commission - Factual examples and possible ways to tackle double non-taxation cases 24/05/2012 EU Committee
Response 24/05/2012
HM Treasury - Private consultation regarding FATCA and the implications for UK resident trusts 11/05/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 11/05/2012
HM Treasury - Draft Legislation: Capital Gains Tax: Foreign Currency Bank Accounts 23/04/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 23/04/2012
Cabinet Office - Charities Act 2006 Review – Call for Evidence: The role of trustees 16/04/2012 UK Practice Committee
Response 16/04/2012
Legal Services Board - Legal Services Board and Office for Legal Complaints triennial reviews 30/03/2012 Public Policy Committee
Response 30/03/2012
European Commission - Project BOWNET Identifying the Beneficial Owner (BO) of legal entities in the fight against money laundering 12/03/2012 EU Committee
Response 12/03/2012
Legal Services Board - Consultation on LSB‟s strategic priorities for the period 2012-15 and operational business plan for 2012/13 09/03/2012 Public Policy Committee
Response 09/03/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Modernising the administration of the personal tax system 24/02/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 24/02/2012
HM Treasury - A study to consider whether a general anti-avoidance rule should be introduced into the UK tax system 17/02/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 17/02/2012