Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
HM Revenue & Customs - Draft Legislation: Reform of the Taxation of Non-Domiciled Individuals 08/02/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 08/02/2012
HM Revenue & Customs - Inquiry into Tax in Developing Countries: Increasing Resources for Development 06/02/2012 Public Policy Committee
Response 06/02/2012
Legal Ombudsman - Consultation on the Legal Ombudsman's Strategy (2012-2015) and Business Plan (2012-2013) 10/01/2012 UK Technical Committee
Response 10/01/2012
Legal Services Board - Call for Evidence: Investigation into will-writing, estate administration and probate activities 03/11/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 03/11/2011
Legal Services Board - Enhancing consumer protection, reducing regulatory restrictions 28/10/2011 England and Wales Regional Committee
Response 28/10/2011
HM Revenue & Customs - Bringing HMRC's information powers into line with international standards 23/09/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 23/09/2011
HM Treasury - Gifts of pre-eminent objects and works of art to the nation 20/09/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 20/09/2011
Ministry of Justice - Court of Protection: authorised officers 20/09/2011 UK Practice Committee and Mental Capacity Special Interest Group
Response 20/09/2011
HM Revenue & Customs - Establishing the future relationship between the tax agent community and HM Revenue & Customs 16/09/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 16/09/2011
Financial Action Task Force - The Review of the Standards – Preparation for the 4th Round of Mutual Evaluation - Second public consultation 16/09/2011 Public Policy Committee
Response 16/09/2011