Consulting Body and Consultation Closing Date STEP Response
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - Clarification of the meaning of "Beneficial Owner" in the OECD Model Tax Convention 06/07/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 06/07/2011
European Commission - Cross-border transactions: European Commission publishes expert group's feasibility study on European contract law 29/06/2011 EU Committee
Response 29/06/2011
HM Revenue & Customs - Statutory Residence Test 14/06/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 14/06/2011
HM Revenue & Customs - Non-Domicile Taxation 14/06/2011 UK Technical Committee
Response 14/06/2011
European Commission - Public consultation on future funding activities in the area of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Equality 06/06/2011 EU Committee
Response 06/06/2011
Ministry of Justice - Matrimonial property regimes and the property consequences of registered partnerships - Reference number: CP 8/2011 20/05/2011 EU Committee
Response 20/05/2011
Ministry of Justice - Office of the Public Guardian - fees 2011/2012 - Consultation Paper 20/05/2011 Estates and Trusts Committee and Mental Capacity Special Interest Group
Response 20/05/2011
European Commission - Green Paper on 'Less bureaucracy for citizens: promoting free movement of public documents and recognition of the effects of civil status records' 21/04/2011 EU Committee
Response 21/04/2011
Law Commission - Marital Property Arrangements (LCCP198, pubd. 11/01/11) - Consultation Paper 11/04/2011 EU Committee and Estates and Trusts Committee
Response 11/04/2011
Cabinet Office - Giving Green Paper 09/03/2011 Public Policy Committee
Response 09/03/2011