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  1. Foreword - February 2019 Bock Eng Sim TEP, .

    In February, the lunar new year is celebrated across East Asia. This is a time when travellers suffer hikes in ticket prices and journey thousands of miles to enjoy reuni…

  2. In his own words Simon Morgan, .

    STEP’s newly appointed worldwide Chair Simon Morgan offers his views on STEP and the future of our ever-changing industry

  3. A burden on bereaved families Emily Deane TEP, .

    Emily Deane offers STEP’s view on the proposed update to probate fees in England and Wales

  4. Plus ça change Michael Giraud and Verena Roberts, .

    Michael Giraud and Verena Roberts examine the evolution of the trust and its return to its origins as a tool for estate and succession planning

  5. Media vita in morte sumus Richard Frimston, .

    Richard Frimston looks back at the long road to the implementation of the EU Public Documents Regulation

  6. Keeping up with the Jones’ The Editors, .

    The articles in this edition dovetail and remind us that the STEP practitioner is not only a global creature, but also one who is up to date with modern professional requ…

  7. White v Jones revisited Teresa Rosen Peacocke, .

    The current scope of the doctrine in wills and UK trust cases