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  1. Burial rights Kate Harris and Katherine Reed, .

    Kate Harris and Katherine Reed discuss the ownership of a body after a recent burial dispute case in England and Wales

  2. Too late to mediate? Rachel Chisholm, .

    Rachel Chisholm on keeping divorce costs down by encouraging solutions through mediation

  3. A taxing estate Hitomi Sakai, .

    Hitomi Sakai warns of the tax implications for non-Japanese residents planning their estates in Japan

  4. A new age of global giving David Stead, Gina M Pereira, Kelsi Kritma, Paula Fabiani, Liesbeth Nagelkerke and Melissa Stevens, .

    David Stead brings together the views of an international network of advisors in philanthropy

  5. Don’t wait until crisis strikes Jeremy Cline, .

    Jeremy Cline explains how implementing a family constitution can reduce the potential for disputes after death

  6. Under (cyber) attack Samuel Wilkinson, .

    Samuel J Wilkinson explains the importance of protecting private client information from cyber-attacks

  7. What about a pet-nup? Linda Lamb, .

    Linda Lamb considers the inclusion of pets in pre-nuptial agreements to help avoid painful disputes after separation

  8. Five ways your investment process can go wrong Nick Murphy, .

    A carefully constructed investment portfolio is vital for growth and success, with investors often falling into the same traps. Below are five common mistakes investors m…

  9. What is a family? Peter Brigham, .

    Peter Brigham explains the legislative changes to the concept of a ‘family couple’ in Monaco

  10. Whose sperm is it anyway? Nancy Golding QC TEP, .

    Nancy Golding considers a recent British Columbia case where a widow was denied use of her deceased husband’s sperm

  11. In family we trust Stacey Nevin, .

    Stacey Nevin analyses the powers of the family court in trust proceedings in England and Wales

  12. Family fortunes Billy Ko and Philippa Hewitt, .

    Billy Ko and Philippa Hewitt explore the impact an economic downturn has on the division of assets in a divorce, using Hong Kong as an example

  13. Sunset years María del Mar Hernández Cortés, .

    María del Mar Hernández Cortés describes preventive measures for vulnerable adults immigrating to Spain

  14. Belize steps up its standards Amanda C Young, .

    Amanda C Young highlights important changes to Belize’s economic substance legislation

  15. The laws of love James Quarmby, .

    James Quarmby explains the difference in LGBT+ rights across the globe

  16. Planning for the worst Christopher McKenzie, .

    Christopher McKenzie discusses the challenges that arise when a shareholder of a British Virgin Islands company dies

  17. A family affair Rosie Schumm and Anna Ferster, .

    Rosie Schumm and Anna Ferster discuss international aspects of pre-nuptial agreements to protect a family business

  18. Colombian clarification Camilo Cortes, .

    Camilo Cortes reports on recent tax reforms enacted in Colombia, following the ‘unconstitutional’ 2018 reforms

  19. Uncharted waters Sam Dewes, .

    Sam Dewes explores domicile issues for children with same-sex parents in England and wales

  20. Not long for this world Bernadette Carey and Chris Duncan, .

    Bernadette Carey and Chris Duncan on new legislation in the Cayman Islands to assist in estate planning and healthcare decisions