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  1. Accounting for change Rosa Restrepo TEP, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Accounting for change. Rosa Restrepo explains recent legislative changes in Panama.

  2. Show us who’s BOSS Will Burnell, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Show us who’s BOSS. Will Burnell introduces the BVI's new beneficial ownership regime, including the BOSS system.

  3. Breakfast means breakfast Richard Frimston TEP, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Breakfast means breakfast. But, asks Richard Frimston, will it be full English, continental or dog’s?

  4. Do protectors need protection? Sally Edwards TEP and James Campbell TEP, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Do protectors need protection? As reporting obligations develop, many protectors in trusts may need to reassess their role…

  5. Leading from the front Alan Milgate TEP, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Leading from the front. It is not often that one hears about senior practitioners unjamming printers, but that typifies th…

  6. People power Michael Giraud TEP and Steve Gully, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. People power. Michael Giraud and Steve Gully offer recruitment advice for attracting staff with the experience necessary f…

  7. Causes for concern Alison Talbot, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Causes for concern. Alison Talbot presents the results of research into the working relationship of probate practitioners …

  8. Foreword - August 2017 Stephen Arthur, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Foreword.

  9. Values added Robin McGhee, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. Values added. Robin McGhee discusses the importance of ethics, integrity and competence in practice.

  10. An exception to the rule Jonathan Cooke TEP, .

    STEP Journal August/September 2017. Full issue. An exception to the rule. Jonathan Cooke explains the UK Accrued Income Scheme, whereby capital is taxed as income.

  11. The going rate Mark Stewart TEP, .

    Mark Stewart introduces the UK residence nil-rate band

  12. Succession story Gabrielle Lane, .

    The value of good succession planning was the topic occupying leading minds from law and finance at a recent STEP Journal roundtable, hosted by RBC Wealth Management

  13. Pick your battles Christopher Louth, .

    Christopher Louth advises on minimising the risk of disputes in family offices, and effectively dealing with them should they arise

  14. Crown estate Andrew Carey, .

    Andrew Carey pinpoints what you need to know about purchasing property in Guernsey

  15. Sharing and caring Clare Usher-Wilson TEP, .

    Clare Usher-Wilson underlines the importance of workplace knowledge-building and taking personal responsibility

  16. Structures you can trust Fraser Allister TEP and Oliver Goodwin, .

    Fraser Allister and Oliver Goodwin consider why, despite challenges, interest in trusts remains high

  17. In with the new Laura McDowall, .

    Laura McDowall discusses the Succession (Scotland) Act 2016, its impact on divorce and the commissary procedure in handling estates

  18. In the firing line Claire Roake and Virginia Hickley, .

    Claire Roake and Virginia Hickley outline how trustees can defend claims, and offer tips on preventing them

  19. Social net worth Oliver Tang TEP and Dr Irina Francken TEP, .

    Oliver Tang and Irina Francken explain how the impact-investing movement in Asia has developed

  20. In sickness and in wealth Caroline Holley and Rose Spencer-Longhurst, .

    Caroline Holley and Rose Spencer-Longhurst discuss the treatment of trusts in divorce proceedings in England and Wales

  21. Test of time Richard Norridge TEP and Joanna Caen TEP, .

    Richard Norridge and Joanna Caen review a recent Hong Kong trust case

  22. Family matters Lee Woon Shiu, .

    Lee Woon Shiu provides a perspective on navigating the wealth-transfer process for Asia Pacific high-net-worth families

  23. The line of duty Hannah Henley, .

    Hannah Henley looks at Australian solicitors’ duties to clients and beneficiaries when preparing wills and estate plans

  24. Foreign concepts Nick Beresford TEP, .

    Nick Beresford explores the latest reforms to New Zealand’s foreign trust regime