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  1. Bringing it all back home Amanda Edwards, .

    Amanda Edwards discusses the differences between the taxation of UK domiciled and resident individuals’ foreign income and their UK income.

  2. Man on a mission Stephen Lawson , .

    For Stephen Lawson, a STEP Council member for England and Wales, the law was a calling. Here he discusses the challenges facing his profession in light of an ageing popul…

  3. Foreword: A gift you won’t return The Editors, .

    In this issue of the Trust Quarterly Review, we offer our global readership an embarrassment of riches. Indeed, for many, this edition will prove a useful toolkit with wh…

  4. Supersonic taxman Fiona Fernie and Paul Noble , .

    Fiona Fernie and Paul Noble consider the effect that accelerated payment notices are having on the UK tax dispute landscape and assess whether they really are a game chan…