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  1. Seal of approval Emily Prout, .

    Emily Prout considers what assistance trustees can obtain from the court in approving momentous decisions in the lifetime of a trust following Cotton and Another v Bruden…

  2. The argument for disclosure George Hodgson, .

    Advisors should urge clients with undisclosed assets to own up now, says George Hodgson.

  3. Safe as houses Stephen Whale, .

    Stephen Whale on how Africa’s mobile elite is seeking secure investments in the form of foreign real estate. Africa has always been a fascinating continent – rich i…

  4. Taxing questions Rita Jardim and Julija Neves, .

    Rita Jardim and Julija Neves discuss the Portuguese tax and legal aspects of foreign fiduciary structures

  5. AIM high Mark Williams, .

    Mark Williams explains how AIM stocks held in ISAs can be a helpful inheritance-tax-planning tool in the UK. Since their introduction in 1999 individual savings accounts …

  6. Bad blood Darren Kelland, .

    Darren Kelland discusses how to avoid conflict in family businesses. Everybody who works in an advisory capacity to a family business is aware of the statistics on how …

  7. Balance of powers Emily Yiolitis, .

    Emily Yiolitis discusses settlor reserved powers and trustee exemption clauses.

  8. Recipe for succession Tahera Mandviwala, .

    Tahera Mandviwala considers the ingredients of an effective succession plan for Indian family businesses.

  9. Foreword May 2015 Maureen Berry, .

    Spring is here again (well, in some parts of the world), and with it comes new beginnings. What an appropriate time to focus an edition on all things new! New ideas in in…