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  1. Who owns what? Julien Dif, .

    Luxembourg has enacted new legislation regulating bearer shares. Companies and shareholders have a limited period of time to comply with the ownership and identity requir…

  2. Catering for LGBT clients Richard Roberts TEP, .

    UK advisors need to be sensitive when dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients, explains Richard Roberts, but they must not shy away from asking diffic…

  3. New world order Alasdair McLaren, .

    Alasdair McLaren, a member of STEP Council, talks to Hannah Downie about changes to both international trusts and regulation over the years.

  4. Private Foundations World Survey Martyn Gowar, .

    This book provides an extremely helpful comparison of the features of foundations in 21 countries around the world.

  5. Trial and clerical error Amanda Edwards, .

    Amanda Edwards examines the courts’ approach to rectifying clerical errors in wills.

  6. The Bartlett legacy John Harper, .

    John Harper looks at one of the most important trust cases of the past 35 years, the Bartlett v Barclays Bank Trust Co Ltd case.