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  1. The FATCA effect Fiona Fernie, .

    Fiona Fernie explains the latest developments in international tax reporting agreements.

  2. Statutory Will Applications: A Practical Guide Tina Cockburn, .

    Tina Cockburn reviews Statutory Will Applications: A Practical Guide, which provides a timely and valuable contribution to Australian succession-law scholarship and will …

  3. In case of need John Harper, .

    John Harper looks at the provisions of sections 31 and 32 of the Trustee Act 1925.

  4. The founding father of family business advice Hannah Downie, .

    Hannah Downie speaks to Peter Leach, founder and Chairman of Peter Leach & Partners and winner of STEP’s Family Business Advisor of the Year award 2013–2014.

  5. Bursting out of the box Val Cox, .

    Stay too long in your comfort zone and you might find yourself stuck in a ‘comfort box’ that stops you learning new skills. Val Cox offers an escape route.

  6. A safe pair of hands Ken McCracken, .

    Ken McCracken of Withers Consulting Group, and lead author on the STEP Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, considers how families themselves see the role of…

  7. Better together? Richard Joynt and Ian Slack, .

    Ian Slack and Richard Joynt speak to Hannah Downie about the changing dynamics of the single family office and multi-family office market.

  8. The golden rule: time has moved on Stephen Lawson, .

    AbstractA review of case lawRe Simpson [1977] 121 SJ 224;Feltham v Freer Bouskell [2013] EWHC 1952 (Ch);Sharp v Adam [2005] EWHC 1806.The second part of this article refl…

  9. 2013 case round-up Richard Dew and Naomi Winston, .

    What do last year’s key cases mean for the future?

  10. Exceptions to the golden rule UK Practice Committee, .

    Recent cases have raised questions over the ‘golden rule’ on assessing testamentary capacity. STEP’s UK Practice Committee plots a course through the apparently con…

  11. Italy’s drive for trust transparency Luigi Belluzzo and Alessandro Belluzzo, .

    Luigi Belluzzo and Alessandro Belluzzo discuss Italy’s new reporting obligations for trustees and beneficiaries.

  12. The state of disabled trusts Lynne Bradey, .

    Lynne Bradey reviews the changes made to disabled trusts following amendments to the Inheritance Tax Act 1984.

  13. A business families man John Lawrence, Hannah Downie, .

    STEP Board and Council member John Lawrence balances a family office practice in the Bahamas with expansion of the Society in Latin America. Here, he tells Hannah Downie …

  14. A voice for the vulnerable Karl Dowling, .

    Karl Dowling discusses the implications of Ireland’s new mental capacity legislation.