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  1. Statutory wills and litigation friends Steven Appleton, .

    Steven Appleton comments on a case that demonstrates the unique challenges involved in acting as litigation friend for a person lacking mental capacity in England and Wal…

  2. Divorce without capacity Christine Smyth, .

    Christine Smyth discusses the factors a third party must establish in order to succeed in a divorce application for an incapacitated adult in Australia.

  3. Handle with care Omonike Robinson-Pickering, .

    Omonike Robinson-Pickering on how to deal with the shares of a deceased sole shareholder under BVI law.

  4. The gold standard for wills Michael Young, .

    Michael Young TEP, Chair of STEP’s Professional Standards Committee, speaks to Hannah Downie about the Society’s recently launched Code for Will Preparation in Englan…

  5. No place like home Alex Potts, .

    Alex Potts reviews the Supreme Court of Bermuda’s jurisdiction over trust disputes with a foreign angle.

  6. Estate planning: the new era Julian Washington, .

    Julian Washington discusses some of the issues posed by 21st-century families.

  7. Ready for the REIT Liza Harridyal-Sodha, .

    Liza Harridyal-Sodha on the introduction of real estate investments trusts in Barbados.

  8. Funds in the sun Jerome Dwight, .

    Jerome Dwight explains why Latin American families intent on diversifying their holdings outside of their home countries are looking to the Caribbean for solutions.

  9. Broken stalemates Dawn Register, .

    Dawn Register assesses HMRC’s alternative dispute resolution procedure.

  10. Family offices: a British future Martyn Gowar, .

    Compared to the US and continental Europe, family offices are rare in the UK. But, argues Martyn Gowar, with wealth increasingly less dependent on land, and the principle…

  11. Offshore crackdown Helena Mendes, .

    Helena Mendes reviews changes in the tax landscape affecting Brazilian investors.

  12. Death before completion Katie de Swarte, .

    Katie de Swarte outlines the practical steps to be taken when a vendor or buyer dies after exchange but prior to completion.

  13. Exceptions to the golden rule UK Practice Committee, .

    Recent cases have raised questions over the ‘golden rule’ on assessing testamentary capacity. STEP’s UK Practice Committee plots a course through the apparently con…

  14. Gifts or remuneration? Stephen Green, .

    Stephen Green considers bequests to employees in the UK.

  15. Two sides to the story Graeme Fraser and Alasdair Loudon, .

    Graeme Fraser and Alasdair Loudon compare and contrast the rights of cohabitants in England and Wales, and Scotland.

  16. Storing up trouble Patrick Connolly, .

    Patrick Connolly outlines the problems that have emerged from the UK government’s pension auto-enrolment scheme.

  17. Changes of heart Betsy Brill, Susan Winer, .

    Betsy Brill and Susan Winer outline how the philanthropic conversation is changing.