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  1. The Czech take on trusts Mirek Gruna, .

    Mirek Gruna on the introduction of the trust concept into Czech law

  2. Cracks in the system John Dunne, .

    John Dunne explains how to protect your information from theft and unlawful disclosure.

  3. Tort and whipped cream Richard Frimston, .

    From cakes to conferences, sometimes a new spin on an old idea can provide a delicious new option, as Richard Frimston discovers after becoming a Fellow of the European L…

  4. Under western eyes Irina Kuznetsova, .

    Irina Kuznetsova reviews the steps Russian high-net-worth individuals should take when moving to the UK.

  5. New ground for the trust concept Dr Ákos Menyhei, .

    Hungary has recently introduced trusts to its Civil Code. Dr Ákos Menyhei reviews the new legislation.

  6. The patrimonial foundation Paolo Panico, .

    Paolo Panico introduces Luxembourg’s newly enacted alternative to trusts.

  7. Unguarded border, well-guarded wealth Nadja Ibrahim and Beth Webel, .

    Nadja Ibrahim and Beth Webel review the steps that should be taken when clients with US revocable living trusts move to Canada.

  8. The protection panellist Patricia Wass, Hannah Downie, .

    Patricia Wass is a member of STEP’s Council and the mental capacity SIG, and Chair of the England and Wales Regional Committee. She talks to Hannah Downie about the cha…

  9. In the frame Lawrence M Shindell and Filippo Petteni, .

    Lawrence M Shindell and Filippo Petteni on how passion assets have come to play an essential – but troubling – part in wealth planning.

  10. Ready for anything Paula Steele, .

    Paula Steele considers the use of insurance in wealth planning.