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  1. The protection panellist Patricia Wass, Hannah Downie, .

    Patricia Wass is a member of STEP’s Council and the mental capacity SIG, and Chair of the England and Wales Regional Committee. She talks to Hannah Downie about the cha…

  2. In the frame Lawrence M Shindell and Filippo Petteni, .

    Lawrence M Shindell and Filippo Petteni on how passion assets have come to play an essential – but troubling – part in wealth planning.

  3. Ready for anything Paula Steele, .

    Paula Steele considers the use of insurance in wealth planning.

  4. Three routes to removal Kelly Greig and William East, .

    Kelly Greig and William East discuss procedures in England and Wales for replacing trustees who lack capacity.

  5. When the court steps in Amanda Edwards, .

    Amanda Edwards considers the available remedies for errors in lasting and enduring powers of attorney.

  6. Precious stones Alan Dunn, .

    Trustees must avoid the hazards of inaccurate property and jewellery valuations, says Alan Dunn.

  7. Flight of fancy Robert Mack, .

    Flee clauses are a curious aspect of trust drafting. Ambitious in their scope and exotic by their nature, they are generally dismissed as historical oddities harking back…

  8. Lost in ethics Val Cox, .

    Val Cox explores the resources available to help you navigate uncertain situations.

  9. Risk factors Gordon Harris, .

    Gordon Harris on giving full information when insuring property.

  10. From the Editor Stephen Arthur, .

    Stephen Arthur reflects upon practicality and spread.

  11. Anyone can prepare a will, can’t they? Martyn Frost, .

    Martyn Frost punctures a common misconception - a tendency to underestimate wills as an active and changing area of law, as well as the challenges that these changes pose…

  12. The digital museum Rod Genders, .

    Rod Genders discusses fiduciary management of digital assets.

  13. Good forecast Emily Yiolitis, .

    Emily Yiolitis discusses welcome new service-sector regulation in Cyprus.

  14. Take charge Rose Phelps, .

    Rose Phelps advises solicitors to take a central role in planning clients’ life insurance and coordinating the professionals involved.

  15. Web exclusive: Pawson cancelled but hope exists Julie Butler, .

    It could be argued that the Pawson case as chosen by HMRC to challenge in the Courts was too weak and there has to be the challenge of more balanced or strong FHL cases.