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  1. Book Review: Theobald on Wills Julie Bell, .

    Edited by John Ross Martyn, Alexander Learmonth, Jane Evans Gordon, Charlotte Ford and Thomas Fletcher.

  2. Can you dodge a divorce abroad? Harry Nosworthy, .

    One party relocating abroad may result in a significant headache when guiding an English client through the divorce process, says Harry Nosworthy

  3. Fintech reined in Valentin Ibarra and Ernesto Silva, .

    Valentin Ibarra and Ernesto Silva provide an overview of the Mexican fintech regulations and the related tax considerations

  4. A trap for the unwary Claire Tuohy, .

    Claire Tuohy highlights the forced-heirship provisions for spouses in Ireland’s succession laws that, if overlooked, could have serious implications for clients and adv…

  5. Lex domicilii demolished Anthony Partridge, .

    Anthony Partridge explores how the new Cayman Islands wills law heralds a more flexible approach

  6. Relief rethink Robert Jamieson , .

    Robert Jamieson examines the important entrepreneurs’ relief changes introduced by the UK Finance Act 2019

  7. Tax transformation Ana Onate, .

    Ana Onate outlines Colombia’s new tax reforms

  8. UHNWs give back Luciana Guaspari de Orleans e Bragança and Marina de los Santos Gonçalves, .

    Luciana Guaspari de Orleans e Bragança and Marina de los Santos Gonçalves examine the updated law on endowment funds in Brazil

  9. Hannon proves practical Nicola Carroll, .

    Nicola Carroll explores the implications of Re Hannon for Irish estate practitioners

  10. Tax extension Damian Bloom and Alison Cartin, .

    Damian Bloom and Alison Cartin explain the recent changes to the taxation of interest in UK property

  11. By royal decree Panya Sittisakonsin, .

    Panya Sittisakonsin details the new property tax in Thailand

  12. The DPA strikes again Ziva Robertson and Jennifer Ronz, .

    Ziva Robertson and Jennifer Ronz review the latest developments in Dawson-Damer v Taylor Wessing

  13. Getting your house in order Eesha Arora and Sophie Wettern, .

    Eesha Arora and Sophie Wettern explore considerations around the holding of UK residential property by international clients

  14. Use your powers wisely Susanne Batchelor and Nicola Neal, .

    For powers of attorney in Scotland, Susanne Batchelor and Nicola Neal consider the significance of including a power to make gifts

  15. A whole LOTA compliance Peter J Glowacki and Scott Gorski, .

    Peter J Glowacki and Scott Gorski set out the changing compliance landscape for persons who own real property in Canada

  16. Putting farmland out to pasture Julie Butler, .

    Julie Butler highlights the key tax headaches of diversifying away from traditional farming with regard to the UK Agriculture Bill 2017-19