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  1. Risk and return - investing in challenging times Alex Bowden, .

    The crux of successful investing is the accurate assessment of the relationship between risk and return. This maxim will always be at the forefront of the minds of client…

  2. Who benefits? Jan Langlo and Victoria Nahmany, .

    Jan Langlo and Victoria Nahmany examine how trusts with a Swiss bank account may be affected by Switzerland’s recent tax agreements with the UK and Germany.

  3. Good choice Chris Shepard and Adrian Taylor, .

    Chris Shepard and Adrian Taylor consider the latest developments in tax and investment to affect Philanthropic giving.

  4. Private family funds: a global phenomenon Janine A Racanelli and Gavin Leckie, .

    Janine a Racanelli and Gavin Leckie on what you Should know Before Entering the brave new world of bespoke funds.

  5. Family restructuring Tom Carey, .

    Tom Carey looks at limited partnerships as alternatives to trusts and the proposed amendments to the law due in 2012.

  6. Last word? Tracy Harris, .

    Even where there’s a will, there’s still a way for some claimants, says Tracy Harris.

  7. To give or not to give Michael Young, .

    STEP Chairman Michael Young gives his view on the new inheritance tax relief for charitable bequests in the UK.

  8. Grow your own portfolio Colin Lees-Millais and Edward Daniels, .

    Colin Lees-Millais and Edward Daniels on sustainable tax-free timberland investment.

  9. Golden opportunity Paul Cheng, .

    Paul Cheng discusses why Social investment matters.

  10. Lessons learned Joseph Curl, .

    It has been an exciting period for high authorities concerned with trust matters. Although at the time of writing the Supreme Court’s decision in Kernott v Jones is sti…

  11. Double blow Ryan Tsai, .

    Ryan Tsai on how high volatility may persist before a Sustainable rally for people’s Republic of China Equities.

  12. The road to Philanthropy Walter Sweet, .

    Walter Sweet advises mapping out all the options for emerging donors and taking time to think them through.

  13. Investing money under tax restrictions Chris Brown, .

    A look at what can go wrong and ways to minimise the risks involved. Chris Brown takes the investment manager’s Perspective and considers mandates.

  14. Bad behaviour Robert Hayhoe and Rahul Sharma, .

    Robert Hayhoe and Rahul Sharma on the punitive charity governance rules introduced into the Canadian tax system.

  15. High profile Helene Anne Lewis, .

    Hélène Anne Lewis on how recent decisions by the British Virgin Islands Commercial Court have had a significant impact on the jurisdiction.

  16. Hands up John Harper, .

    Under common law, voting at company meetings is carried out by a show of hands unless the articles of association say something to the contrary. Each person present has o…

  17. Ilott v Mitson Sidney Ross, .

    Incremental development or revolutionary departure?